Raspberry Varieties for the Home Garden

I don’t know about you but I love the flavor of fresh raspberries so I grow plenty. It surprises some people to learn I grow raspberries. People tend to associate them with cooler climes than my central Arkansas location, but hybridization has made it possible to grow them just about anywhere. It’s all about selecting the right variety for your area.

First, there are two types to consider – everbearing and summer bearing. Everbearing raspberries produce from early summer into fall on first and second year canes. The summer bearing types bear fruit on first year canes once during the growing season. Aside from fruit production, raspberry pruning techniques vary on the two types as well.

Next take a look at the varieties that will perform best in your part of the world. For my mid-south location I grow ‘Heritage’ and ‘Dorman Red’. Check with your local county extension service or a trusted garden center.

Raspberry Varieties

  • Encore

    Everbearing; Zones 4 – 9; Very Sweet; Mid-Summer Fruit

  • Heritage

    Everbearing; Zones 4 – 8; Produces the First Year; Mid-Summer and Fall Fruit

  • Latham Red

    Summer; Zones 2 – 7; Nearly Thornless; Early Summer Fruit

  • Dorman Red

    Everbearing; Zones 5 – 9; Heat and Humidity Tolerant; Early Summer through Fall Fruit

Good to Know

Check the age of the plant you purchase. I like to start with two year-old bare root plants that I plant in very early spring.

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