Terra Cotta Birdbath

Terra Cotta Bird BathMaterials:

  • (2) 10" Terra Cotta Pots
  • (1) 20" Terra Cotta Saucer
  • (1) Figurine, Statue, Decorative Object

Find a location for your birdbath. Look for an area that lacks a focal point or needs something to draw the eye. I chose a bed in my garden that was planted with coleus and pink and purple globe amaranth. Although the color combination was impressive it lacked a central focus. By adding the birdbath I created a place for the eye to rest. The birdbath also helped to jazz up the composition.

You should also consider the function of your birdbath. Place it in an area where birds and other wildlife will feel safe to use it, with nearby places to perch and fly in, close to trees or shrubs.

Stacking the PotsPutting the birdbath together is simple. Place one pot upside down on the ground then set the other pot, right side up, on top of the first pot. This is the base of your birdbath.

Place the saucer on the top as the basin.

To anchor the structure, add a decorative object in the center of the saucer. This adds a touch of personality to the birdbath and keeps the saucer from tipping over. I used a clay rooster made by a friend’s daughter in art class.

Fill the saucer with water and you are done!

This project can be put together in a short time but it will have a lasting effect in your garden. And the birds will thank you for it!