How to Spring Clean a Garden Pond

Laguna Garden Pond at Moss Mountain FarmGetting the pond up and running is one of the most rewarding spring tasks that I do because I get immediate results. By the end of the day I can enjoy the sight and sound of cascading crystal clear water. Yep, spring is official once the pond is back in action.

The best time to open a pond or water feature is in early spring when the water temperature is above 50° F (10° C).

Check List for Cleaning a Pond in Spring

  1. Remove debris such as leaves and twigs with a pond net.
  2. Remove half of the water by disconnecting the pond pump so that it drains out of the pond rather than recirculating the water. You can also use a clean out pump for this.
  3. Remove debris and excess sediment from the bottom of the pond. Don’t worry about getting it spotless, you want some organic matter to remain to add to the beneficial bacteria.
  4. Check the pump and remove debris caught in the intake.
  5. If you have a skimmer box, clean the net and rinse the biological media.
  6. Rinse the filter pads. Filter pads usually last two years, but if they tear easily, replace them.
  7. Turn on the hose and let the water run for a few minutes to clear the pipes before refilling the pond.
  8. Add a chlorine eliminator to remove chlorine, chloramine and any harmful metals found in tap water.


Supplies for Cleaning a Pond in Spring

  • Pond Net – Use to remove debris.
  • Clean Out Pump (optional) – If your pond pump won’t work to remove water use a clean out pump.
  • Laguna Pond Vacuum – This tool makes it easy to clean the bottom and sides of your pond. And it’s powered by water not electricity. Neat!
  • Cleaning Brushes – Small brushes are handy for cleaning inside the pump.
  • Vinegar – This is an earth-friendly cleaning solvent for pump parts.
  • Garbage Bags – You are going to dredge up some yucky stuff so you’ll need somewhere to put it. Quickly.
  • Spare Filters – Have a replacement filter on hand in case the existing filter needs changing. You can always save it for later.