Three Ways to Store a Garden Hose

Summer is the season of the garden hose. I use mine so often that I never seem to put it away, but I have found that I can make it accessible without leaving it strewn about the garden. Take a look at these three ideas for storing your garden hose.

Galvanized Tub

Nothing is easier than dropping your garden hose into a galvanized tub. You can find one for as little as $15. These tubs fit right in to any style garden, even one with a contemporary design. You can drill holes in the bottom of the tub to keep it from filling with water. Be sure to use a drill bit that is suitable for metal.

Use a galvanized tub to store garden hoses. P. Allen Smith Water Colors Collection in Coral Candy

Hose Bowl

If you aren’t into DIY or want something that will blend into the garden, get yourself a lidded hose bowl. The one shown here is the Mia from Crescent Garden. When winter approaches unhook your hose from the spigot and store the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Crescent Garden Mia hose storage container with a Flexzilla ZillaGreen garden hose

Wall Mounted Clam Basket

A metal bushel basket attached to a wall is a chic way to store unused hoses. Simply hang the basket to the wall and wind the hose around it. What’s nice about this idea is you can stash things inside the basket too.

Wrap your garden hose around a metal clam basket for easy storage. P. Allen Smith Water Colors Collection in Green Envy

Good to Know: Flexzilla® Hoses Have No Memory

Flexzilla ZillaGreen Garden Hose
Sometimes it’s good to be forgetful, especial if you are a hose. Flexzilla’s ZillaGreen™ and P. Allen Smith Water Colors Collection hoses have zero-memory, which means they will always lie flat and coil easily.