8 Clever Ways to Get Your Garden Tools Organized

I am a “grab and throw” kind of gardener so it’s not in my nature to take time to put things in their proper place. However, when I had a new shed built at the Garden Home Retreat I was inspired to reform my ways. There’s nothing like a clean, empty space to bring out my inner neatnik. Before I had a chance to junk it up I created a special place for various tools and supplies so I could put things away without slowing down too much.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been using the shed and I’m happy to report that so far, my plan is working! So I figured if my ideas could change the habits of a scatter bug like me, my tips might be helpful to you, too.

Outline your tools on the wall to show where they belong.

Outline Tools on the Wall

A few nails in stud walls make handy hangers to hold tools like shovels, rakes and hoes. Take a pen and draw an outline of each tool on the wall behind it. The outline not only helps show where the tools belong, but the sight of an empty space lets you know what’s missing. If you go a step further and spray paint the handles of your tools a bright florescent orange, you’ll have no trouble finding them in the garden.

Shelves with staggered widths are easier to keep neat.

Step Ladder Your Shelves

Vary the depth of your shelves with the narrowest at the top. With the top shelf being narrow, it’s easier to see everything. Use the bottom shelves to store larger items like boxes and tubs.

An old basket hung on the wall makes a great hose holder.

Hose Hanger

You can repurpose an old metal basket mounted on the wall to hold the garden hose. Inside the basket store sprayer heads and other water hose accessories.

A bucket filled with sand and mineral oil keep tools clean and rust free.

Quick Clean-up for Hand Tools

Tools like pruners and trowels can get pitted and covered in rust without regular cleaning. Keeping them ready to use is as easy as sticking them in a bucket of sand mixed with a little mineral oil. The sand acts like sandpaper, cleaning off the debris, and the oil keeps water from damaging the metal. Plus, the bucket makes a good place to store the tools so you’ll know right where they are.

Repurpose an old file box for storing seeds.

Roomy Seed Box

An old file box is a handy place to store seeds. Use file separators to organize seed packets according to planting seasons and whether they are for starting indoors or sowing directly in the garden.

The tines of an old garden rake are good for hanging things like bundles of drying flowers.

Repurpose Your Old Garden Rakes

Do you have an old garden rake taking up space in your tool shed? Take the rake part off the handle and hang it on the wall. Now you’ve got a place to hang hand tools or bundles of flowers for drying.

Half used seed packets can be clipped and hung from a belt hanger.

Belt Hanger Hold Up

What about that belt hanger taking up space in your closet? Put it to better use in the tool shed. The prongs on the hanger made a convenient place to store partially used packets of seeds. After opening the packet, just clamp the top shut with an office clip and hang it on one of the hooks.

Spice jars are just the right size for storing small nails and such.

Spice Jar Storage

Little items like nails, screws and matches are easy to keep handy in spice jars. Put the jars in a spice holder to keep these small items organized.

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