How to Train a Climbing Rose to a Wall

I purchased a climbing New Dawn rose like you featured in your show. I would like to train it to grow up around my front door. Unfortunately my home is made of brick. Is there any way to do this without attaching a trellis?

An important part of gardening is to make the most of all your efforts. What I mean by this is if you’re going to all the trouble of growing something, you should give it the support that it needs.

For instance, the ‘New Dawn’ rose I have growing in my garden. It covers itself with so many blooms you can hardly count them and it is a very vigorous grower. It’s not uncommon for the canes of this rose and other climbing roses to reach lengths of 20 feet or more. So supporting such a robust plant is important.

About four years ago I planted my ‘New Dawn’ and every season it gets out of control. My intention was to grow it against the wall, and up the side of the house. But of course supporting anything against brick or masonry is difficult. But I’ve come up with a little system to handle just his type of situation.

First, find the appropriate place on the wall and drill a hole into the mortar joint with a 1/4 inch drill bit. Then place a lead anchor into the hole and tap it in to make sure that it is secure. To hold the canes use a number 8 screw hook and twist it into the lead of the anchor. As you do this, the lead will expand to fill the hole. For the last step take a 6 to 8 inch piece of medium gauge wire and run it through a 3/4 inch diameter piece of clear vinyl tubing. Depending on the diameter of your rose’s canes, about 4 inches long will do. Then just wrap the tubing around the cane and attach it to the hook. This tubing will keep the wire from cutting into the canes and the hooks will allow you to remove it from time to time if needed.