Keeping Greenery Fresh During the Holidays

There’s nothing quite like the aroma and look of fresh holiday greenery. Some of my favorites are boughs of cedar, pine, and spruce along with mistletoe and boxwood.

Once it is cut and brought into our homes it will begin to dry out. There are some things you can do to make the freshness last much longer. It’s all about retaining moisture in the foliage.

Recut the stems and soak the greenery in water overnight. You can do this with cut boughs, garlands and wreaths. You can do this in a galvanized tub or your bathtub.

For arrangements in water re-cut the stems and add glycerin to the water. This will keep the needles soft and pliable. Be generous – using 1 part glycerin to 1 part water. You can pick up glycerin at your local drug store.

An additional way to keep moisture in the foliage is to spray the greenery with an anti-transpirant. This solution is available at garden centers. It will hold the moisture in and make your greenery look fresher, longer throughout the holidays.