Paperwhites for the Holidays

One of the most enjoyable flowers for blooming indoors during the fall and winter is the paperwhite narcissus.
It’s actually a form of daffodil, so to speak, and it’s a bulb that will produce a living bouquet for your home.
It’s so easy to grow because everything is packaged inside the bulb. All you have to do is add water and nature will do all the work.

You can grow paperwhites in anything – plain water, gravel, potting soil or sand.
When you plant the bulbs make sure the little pointed part is sticking up and you bring the planting medium you use up to the neck of the bulb.
In just a few days roots will sprout and in about 4 or 5 weeks blooms will emerge.

If you pot some up around Thanksgiving you can use them in your holiday decorations.

Good to Know: Speeding up Bloom Time

If the blooms are opening as quickly as you would like place the potted bulbs in a warm room with bright, indirect light to accelerate growth. Be sure to turn the pot every few days to keep the plants from leaning.