Herbscaping with Hot & Spicy Oregano

Looking for a little kick in your garden? Try this herbscaping project using the new Hot & Spicy oregano and get ready to spice things up.

Oregano of all varieties is known as a good groundcover and easy-growing, and the Hot & Spicy variety is no exception. What’s great about oregano is that it isn’t picky – it loves to grow in pots where it can spill over the side, but the trailing growing habit also serves well as edging for a path or as a seasonal ground cover. And boy will it spread – Hot & Spicy oregano can reach a height of 2 feet and a width up to 18 inches! In the summer white flowers appear against rich green leaves. It’s a lovely sight and the blooms are a favorite with bees and butterflies!

Hot and Spicy Oregano

Of course, this Hot & Spicy variety isn’t just pretty to look at. It has a delicious and strong flavor, like traditional oregano but with greater pungency. You can harvest the flower buds as they begin to form in midsummer, then dry the leaves or freeze them in ice trays or use them fresh! The flavor goes great with Mexican dishes.

Similar to other oreganos, Hot & Spicy thrives in well-drained soil and good sunlight, and in colder zones the plants die down in the winter and re-sprout the following spring.

Tips on Growing Oregano

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