Creating Mystery in the Garden

But she was inside the wonderful garden and she could come through the door under the ivy any time and she felt as if she had found a world all her own.
The Secret Garden
Frances Hodgson Burnett

One of my favorite stories is that of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. What a wonderful tale of discovery and healing. The allure and mystery of that hidden garden has always been an inspiration for me in the gardens that I design.

Creating a sense of mystery is often the most overlooked element in a garden’s design because it has such a subtle presence. Unlike color, enclosure or structure, mystery is more about feeling than seeing.

Ivy Covered ArborAdding mystery to your garden is all about using the unknown as an element of design. A bubbling fountain, a bend in a path and a hidden alcove are all features that pique curiosity, begging the visitor to journey onward toward discovery. By igniting your visitor’s imagination the moment they enter your garden, you create a heightened awareness in them.

Just as Mary from The Secret Garden knew there was something special just beyond the ivy covered walls, with the added element of mystery, visitors to your garden will be inspired to discover the beauty waiting to be found within.