Fairy Rings

I seem to have a lot of mushrooms growing in my lawn last year and now again this year, how can I get rid of them?

During the spring when rain is abundant, mushrooms can be found in even best cared for lawns. Mushrooms and other fungi sprout from decaying organic matter in your soil.

While there is really not much available commercially to control them, the good news is that as summer gets in full swing and the weather dries out a bit, mushrooms will go away on their own. In the meantime, you can mow over them to keep their appearance down.

An interesting twist on mushrooms is the fairy ring. This fungus appears as a circular or arc-shaped, dark green band with mushrooms growing in it. The dark green color is caused by nutrients emitted by the fungus. While the fungus is not harmful to grass, damage can occur because it produces a water repellant fungal strand. About the only thing you can do is be patient until the fairy ring disappears on its own and keep the area well watered if you see signs drought stress.