In the Kitchen: Butternut Squash

Of all the squashes I have grown in my garden, I believe that butternut is one of my favorites, although pumpkins are certainly at the top of the list as well.

Squash can be divided into three categories: summer, autumn and winter. To put it simply, summer squashes are those types eaten when the fruit is immature and the skin tender, while winter squashes are
those types that are allowed to mature and ripen on the vine before being harvested. Autumn squashes are also eaten after they have matured, but they do not store as long as winter squashes. Most of us are
familiar with summer squashes such as crook neck and zucchini. Acorn squash is classified as an autumn squash and butternut is a winter squash. Pumpkins actually occur in all three categories.

I like butternut squash because it has such a sweet flavor. You will begin to see this squash in the market in fall and they will continue to be available through the winter.

When you select a butternut squash choose one that feels heavy with no blemishes or moldy spots on the skin.Butternut squash will store for quite a long period of time. I’ve kept it for as long as two months. I simply
keep them in a cool, dark area. I once made the mistake of placing one in the refrigerator and the cold temperature caused it to go bad pretty quickly.