Hydrangea Wreath


  • 12 or so large to medium hydrangea blooms
  • 12 or so chartreuse carnations
  • 3 types of evergreen (Arborvitae, photinia and eucalyptus was used on this wreath)
  • floral foam wreath (Look for one that sits in a paper mache base. It’s perfect for deep soaking.)
  • Bundles of Hypericum berries (available at florists)
  • Bundles of white spray roses
  • Floral snips or pruners
  • Optional: Floral wire

Before you start on the project place your cut flowers and evergreens are in a bucket of water so they?ll stay hydrated.

Deep soak the floral foam wreath.

If you are going to hang this wreath, loop some floral wire around the form before you start inserting your plant materials. It’s going to be heavy, so make sure the wire is secure.

Hydrangea Wreath
Create a base with your evergreens. Gently insert the stems into the floral foam. Work your way around the wreath, inserting each stem so that they all point in the same direction, overlapping the previous row in a fish scale fashion.

Next cut hydrangea bloom stems to about 2 inches long and press them into the wreath form.

Cluster bundles of carnations, roses and hypericum berries around the hydrangeas.

This wreath can also be used as a centerpiece.