Branches with Scrap Paper Leaves

Making paper leaves for branches.
This is a great little project for bringing the outdoors in. Make the leaves from bright colored paper or metallic would be fun too. Place three or four branches in a vase for a clever arrangement.

Materials for Making Branches with Scrap Paper Leaves

  • Small twiggy branches
  • Scrap paper, old magazine pages
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors

Directions for Making Branches with Scrap Paper Leaves

Collect interesting branches from your yard. Leave them out to dry for a couple of days. This will make the your leaves stick to the stems better.

When the stems are ready, bring them to your workspace and begin making the leaves. Do you remember making construction paper hearts in grade school by folding a piece of paper and cutting out half the heart on the fold? This is a similar process, but you’ll cut out the whole leaf shape so that the end result is two leaves connected at the base. You can create multiple leaves at one time by folding several pieces of paper together.

Place the leaf, face down, on a piece of paper. Continue the process until you have all the leaves you want for your branches.

Spray with the leaves with adhesive.

Fold the leaf around stem and press together like a sticker. Follow the pattern of the leaf buds on the branches for a natural look.