Build an Easy Citrus Topiary

Cone Shaped Topiary made with Lemons, Key Limes and KumquatsDecorating ideas can be found as close as your fruit bowl.  This simple citrus topiary is super for adding fresh color and fragrance to your home, especially during the winter months when we spend so much time indoors.

Key Limes
Foam Cone
Floral Stakes
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

Foam Topiary Cone and Floral SticksInsert the sharp end of a floral stake into the fruits.

Go around the insertion point with a little hot glue to secure the stake to the fruit.

Begin attaching the fruit to the Styrofoam topiary form at the bottom.  Simply press the stake into the Styrofoam.

Insert Fruit into Foam Topiary ConeCover the cone evenly with lemons, then fill in with limes and kumquats.

Stuff sprigs of greenery, such as boxwood, between the fruit.

Set the arrangement on a bed of glossy evergreen leaves.

1-2-3 Done!™ Fresh Lemon Greenery

Pipe Cleaner Inserted through a LemonAn easy way to give an evergreen wreath or fresh garland a little extra zip is to simply attach a few fresh lemons with green pipe cleaner. I like using pipe cleaners because they won’t tear through the rind of the lemon like wire has a tendency to do.

  1. Use an ice pick to pierce one end of a lemon.
  2. Slip a pipe cleaner through the hole, fold the ends toward each and twist once.
  3. Tie the lemon to greenery.