Fence Wire Trellis

I’ve taken advantage of vertical surfaces in my small vegetable garden to grow more plants. This simple fence wire trellis enables me to grow blackberries above my strawberry patch. Fence Wire Trellis


  • (7) 5 inch half threaded eyelet screws
  • measuring tape
  • permanent marker
  • 20 gauge 4 strand galvanized wire
  • wire cutters
  • drill

On the backside of a fence select two posts to attach the eyelet screws to.

Mark each post for (3) eyelet screws. The screws should be lined up top to bottom and parallel with the partner screw on the opposite post.

Adding Eyelet ScrewMark a spot for an eyelet screw that is centered between the 2 posts and between the top and bottom screws on the posts.

Pre-drill holes and insert eyelet screws. By using the type that is half threaded you can extend the wire further out from the fence, which will give your plants better circulation.

Wire Through Eyelet ScrewNow thread the wire through the eyelets, outlining a rectangle between the posts and crisscrossing through the center eyelet. With the trellis in place you can weave your vine back behind the wire.

This trellis will work for grapes, roses, raspberries, or anything else that requires a little support.