Hedge Entry Arch

Passing from one area to the next through an intriguing arch creates a sense of mystery. You can create a living threshold for your garden rooms with fast growing plants tethered to a metal arch.


  • Fast growing shrubs that will reach a good height and are pliable. I used Leyland cypress.
  • Fast setting concrete
  • Shovel
  • Leather strips. Old belts work well.
  • Rust-resistant paint
  • Metal arch


  1. Plant fast growing shrubs to form a hedge with a 4 foot gap where you want the arched doorway to go.
  2. Once the hedge has matured to 6 or 7 feet design a frame of an arch on paper and give the plant to a local welder to build. Click here for a plan of Allen’s arch.
  3. Paint the arch with rust resistant enamel to preserve the frame and prevent rust from rubbing off on anyone who passes through.
  4. Dig holes for the arch feet.
  5. Mix and pour concrete into holes for footings.
  6. Place arch in concrete and allow to set.
  7. Tether the longest central limbs of these plants to the frame using leather straps or other material that will not cut into the trunks.