Gourd Scarecrow

Gourd ScarecrowThis whimsical character is easy to put together. You just need a few materials and some imagination!

1 stake 6 feet long (support)
1 stake 3 feet long (shoulders)
1 stake 12 inches long (hips)

wheat or pine straw
old clothes (shirt, pants, hat)
dried gourd or old pillow case
hand saw


For this project I used a 2 x 2 as the support stake and 1 x 2s for the cross bars, but any scrap wood or even branches will do.

To begin make a point at the end of your 6 foot stake so that it is easy to push into the ground when you are finished with the scarecrow.

Scarecrow FrameNow you are ready to create your frame. Hammer the 3 foot stake across the 6 foot stake, about 6 inches down, and then hammer the 12 inch stake in the same way about half way down. The end product will look something like a telephone pole with an extra cross bar.

The next step is to dress your scarecrow by hanging the shirt on the top cross bar and the pants on the lower cross bar. Tuck the shirt into the pants. Secure the pants by tying the rope belt around the waist.

Close the ends of the shirt arms by tying them with twine.

Now you are ready to stuff the shirt with straw. It is important to use a clean straw such as wheat or pine. This is because materials such as hay contain a lot of weed seeds that can sprout in your garden later and be a nuisance.

All you need now is the head. I used an old, dried gourd but you can also stuff a pillow case with more straw. If you go for the gourd, simply saw off the neck and sit it down on the top of your 6 foot stake onto the extra 6 inches projecting above the “shoulders.” For the pillow sack, stuff it full and shape it into a ball, then tie it to form the neck. Like the gourd, slip the extra 6 inches of stake into the center of the ball and tighten the rope.

Top the gourd with an old straw hat and you are ready to place your scarecrow out in the garden!