Set the Mood with Candles

Using candles is an easy way to add a little elegance to a dinner table or mantel, and even tea lights or votive candles can put off enough light to create a special ambience. Here are a few tips about this lovely form of lighting.

Types of Candles

There are different candles for every setting- big, bold scented candles that stand alone, tapered candles that draw the eye upward, and small, round votives that simply add a little twinkle.

Paraffin candles are the most common, but it you want something that burns clean and slowly try beeswax and soy candles.

Candle Sizes

After choosing your material, size and shape are an important component. Tapered candles are tall and thin. They look great in any type of candlestick, from ornate silver to a simple hollowed-out piece of fruit. When it comes to tapers, it’s important to know that if there’s any draft in the house a tapered candle will drip wax onto your furniture. To prevent this, use a hurricane vase to protect the flame and keep the candle and vase alike on some sort of base, like a saucer or small plate.

Votive candles are another treat and do well in glass jars or small vases. When it comes to small holders that you want to protect, it’s better to use tea candles that have an aluminum base to protect the glass holder. Another way to counter this problem is to add a couple of drops of water to the holder just before you light the votive to help minimize the mess.

Cleaning Candle Holders

Of course, candles are not always a warm glow of light – sometimes they’re just a chunk of wax stuck in a jar and in so many cases it feels like it’s just not worth the trouble. Instead of attacking the candle holder with a knife, soak them in hot water and you’ll find that the candle slides out rather easily. This isn’t just the easier way to clean your candle holders – it’s the safer one, too. If you use a knife you may scratch the walls of the candle holder, making it more vulnerable to shattering once you light a candle inside of it again.

However you use them, just remember to do so safely and enjoy the beauty of a room illuminated by candle light.