Interior Design Tips from the Ancient Greeks

The cottage at the Garden Home Retreat is based on the popular Greek Revival movement of the 19th century. Today we’re seeing a resurgence of the Greek Key pattern. Designer Tobi Fairley gives us a run down on Greek Revival and the Greek Key pattern.

Hello again readers of Allen’s Blog! It’s great to be back and today I thought we’d take a look at a little Greek Revival Style.

For centuries, architects and designers have been reinterpreting the wonderful architecture left to us by the ancient Greeks. Take a look around and you’ll see that so much of what surrounds us today was inspired by them.

Allen’s house at Moss Mountain Farm is a wonderful example. Although new, it typifies many of the Greek Revival design elements that swept the country in the 19th century.

Farmhouses across America had picturesque porches supported by columns. Don’t you just love this house?!?!?

Step inside Allen’s home and we find even more Greek Revival inspiration. The gorgeous trim work inside the parlor around the doors and windows are hallmarks of the style.

Have I mentioned I love the Greek Key pattern? So much so I used it in my new line of fabrics.
Seen here in one of the octagon outbuildings at Moss Mountain Farm, my Athens fabric is a modern interpretation of the classis Greek Key motif.

My new Acropolis Collection of pillows from Tobi Fairley Home are a modern spin on classic Greek design elements.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick glimpse at Greek Revival Style. I’ll be back next month with more design inspiration!