Indoor Lighting

With the sun’s winter rays struggling to shine through, indoor lighting can brighten up a home. And at any time of year every room needs to fulfill both function and beauty- a combination of task and accent lighting can work wonders for a room. Here are a few ways to decorate and update a room simply with the addition of indoor light.


Lamp light has always held a bit of power over me. Not only is it the lighting that is most flattering, it also induces a feeling of calm and warmth that is hard to create with overhead lighting. But most of all, lamps and lamp shades are easy ways to update a room and express your style. Size, shape and style of a lamp can completely transform the look of a room, and shades with interesting patterns or textures appeal to multiple senses.

Christopher Spitzmiller LampLamps can be used as accent pieces, as a way to tie a room together, or even as a focal point for your room. Unique fixtures can draw attention to a favorite piece of artwork or furniture, or simply serve to complement the overall design of the room. I personally like the lamp designs of Christopher Spitzmiller. They’re simple but bold and add a modern touch to my Greek Revival home.

For your own home, consider the way you use space- floor lamps can dramatically open up a room’s corner, and using “cool” white light brightens up a room. Matching end-table lamps can help add balance and “warm” light, which is commonly used for accent lighting. If you use muted colors throughout a room, a lamp with a bold color and shape can add just the right amount of excitement. And if you have a favorite vase, bottle, or urn you can have it converted into a lamp- then it’s both beautiful and useful.

Overhead Lighting

Of course, overhead lighting can be well-used, too. Kitchens and bathrooms look best with bright overhead light so that details aren’t missed. I like to use recessed lighting because it doesn’t diminish ceiling height, but as with lamps the perfect light fixture can be the finishing touch on a room. Pendant lights are a great way to accent a kitchen island because their shape and size mimic the space’s style, and they also are incredibly useful. Chandeliers create the feeling of elegance. And wall sconces help open up a room.

Whatever method you use, it’s always a good idea to use energy-efficient light bulbs. They’re measured differently than older incandescent bulbs, but they use 1/3 the amount of electricity and last up to 10 times longer.