Designing Indoor Spaces with Rhythm

Hello, again, friends and fans of Allen. I’m so glad to be back with you today!

One challenge many people face is how to design their interiors so that the distinct spaces flow together, without making them all matchy-match. So I thought I would share a tip for how I manage this in my own work. As I see it, the key to doing this successfully is to choose one element (it can be a color, a finish, a pattern, or a theme) and repeat it–ever so subtly–in each room of your house.

Here are some examples from one of my own projects:

The motif throughout this ornate, Mediterranean design is GOLD: gold finishes, gold leaf, gold detail, a gold thread woven throughout!

Gold in the Master Suite…

Gold in the Living Room…

Gold in the Powder Bath…

And a slight nod to it in the metallic touches in the serene Guest Room!


And though there are a lot of differences in the moods, uses, and styles of these rooms, can you see how the gold is a thread that weaves through all of them?

So now go and try this motif magic in your own home, and let us know how it goes!