12 Ways Under $10 To Change A Room

Simple touches like adding a decorative tray or changing your pillow cases can have dramatic effects. Most of these projects are completely free… or cost less than $10.

Buy fresh flowers. A vase full of fresh flowers instantly brings life to any space, especially in the winter months when everything outside is cold and dormant.

Change a light switch plate. Use an attractive patterned paper to recover the plate for a pop of color.

Change glass cabinet doors. Tired of seeing the contents of a cabinet with glass fronts? Acid-etch or paint over the glass from the inside or staple fabric or decorative paper for a freshened look.

Change some old knobs. Tired of your hardware on a piece of furniture? Why not change out the knobs for a low-cost alternative. A couple new knobs can give an old piece a refreshed look!

Change some lightbulbs. In your bedroom or living room, lower wattage lights (between 20- and 50-watts) instantly creates a cozier ambience.

Create a hanging plate display. Take that gorgeous set of china stacked on a shelf in the china cabinet and mount them on your wall. Use an interesting array to showcase an otherwise hidden collection.

De-clutter. Getting rid of extraneous items makes your home feel less cramped and more comfortable. Donate these extras to charity for a tax-deduction or recycle them to a friend.

Frame a piece of fabric. Try framing a piece of decorative fabric or a piece of antique lace or floral handkerchief.

Make A Decorative Tray. Repurpose other household items, like a frame or mirror to create a useful and functional entertainment item.

Make pillow covers. One yard of remnant fabric is all you need to make two decorative pillow covers to freshen your living room or bedroom.

Rearrange the bookshelf. Arrange your books so they look like rolling hills. Put the tallest in the middle and fan out to the smallest, or create multiple peaks or lay a few books on their side and stack like a pyramid.

Rearrange your furniture. This is a great, free way to completely change the look of a room.