Tequila Cocktail Container Garden Recipe

This container garden recipe is the equivalent of taking your drink with you in a red Solo® cup. The containers are made of a light-weight plastic that makes them easy to move anywhere – even when filled with soil and plants. The plants are a mix of tropical cocktail colors in the cool color family including lavender, chartreuse, salmon and pink. These varieties will be gorgeous all summer and into fall with little care. Place the containers in full sun, water when the top inch of soil is dry and feed every seven to ten days with an all-purpose, organic liquid fertilizer.


  • Crescent Garden Delano Tall 16-inch: 13-inch diameter
  • Crescent Garden Delano Oval 24-inch: 21-inch diameter, 6-inch depth

Plants for Tall Container

  • 1 Senorita Rosalita® Cleome
  • 2 ColorBlaze® Lime Time™ Coleus
  • 3 Superbells® Tequila Sunrise Calibrachoa
  • 1 Snowstorm® Blue Bubbles Sutera

Plants for Oval Container

  • 3 Luscious® Berry Blend™ Lantana
  • 5 Superbells® Tequila Sunrise Calibrachoa
  • 4 Snowstorm® Blue Bubbles Sutera

Two container gardens planted with cleome, coleus, calibrachoa, lantana and sutera.

Good to Know: Crescent Garden Containers

Crescent Garden Delano Planter

The pots I used for this container garden combination are 100% recyclable, food grade poly resin. Sunlight won’t fade the color and the soil won’t dry out as fast as gardens planted in more traditional materials such as terra cotta. This means less watering.

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