123 Done: Citrus Herb Container

Citrus Herb Container GardenI’m always looking for ways to bring unique flavors into the kitchen, and let me tell you, citrus herbs do just that. I like to use herbs like pineapple sage, orange mint and lemon thyme to get creative with both entrées and desserts.

To create a citrus herb container for your home, just start with a 20-inch terra cotta pot and fill it about 1 inch from the top with potting soil.

Next, dig a hole slightly larger than the biodegradable peat pot the pineapple sage comes in. Tear off the bottom, and top edge of the pot and place them into the soil. Plant the pineapple sage, and fill in with the potting soil.

Repeat this process with the orange mint, you’ll notice the fragrance immediately just while working with the plants.

Then, plant lemon thyme to complete the set. Be sure the plants are equal distance apart in the container.

Finally, water the plants thoroughly. Within a few weeks, you’ll have a beautiful container that can add new flavors to your kitchen!