Mixed Border Container Trio for Shade

This collection of containers brings the idea of the mixed border above ground. Like a flower bed planted with a combination of shrubs, perennials and annuals this trio of pots offers interest spring through fall.

The shrub I selected for this combo is Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire (Itea virginica). Virginia Sweetspire is a favorite of mine because it is so easy to grow. In summer creamy white plume-like blooms cover the shrub and the fall foliage color is outstanding. Little Henry® is a dwarf variety that matures at three-feet-tall by three-feet-wide&emdash; perfect for containers!

Itea Little HenryDolce® Blackcurrant Heuchera is a perennial that will tolerate light shade or a half day of sunshine. Varieties are available with a fantastic array of foliage colors.

Rockapulco Rose ImpatiensImpatiens are a mainstay for adding annual color to shade gardens. The Rockapulco® series of impatiens have a fully double bloom that resembles a rose. The upright habit makes a nice bridge between the low-growing Heuchera and the Virginia Sweetspire.


Docle Blackcurrant Heuchera

  • 3 pots
  • 1 Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire
  • 3 Dolce® Blackcurrant Heuchera
  • 3 Rockapulco® Rose Impatiens

The plants featured in this article are from Proven Winners®.  Visit www.provenwinners.com to find a retailer in your area.