Rose and Rosemary Container

Here’s a container garden that is inspired by a classic plant combination: roses and herbs.

In this container we have a red rose paired with prostrate rosemary. They make great companions because both thrive in similar growing conditions: full sun, well drained soil and consistent moisture. The rosemary will cascade over the sides of the container and provide a lovely evergreen background for the cerise blooms of the rose.


1 18- to 20-inch container with good drainage

1 repeat blooming rose

4 4-inch pots prostrate rosemary

Potting soil

Organic slow release fertilizer

Directions for Potting Up Rosemary and Rose

Before you get started planting, move the pot to its permanent home. Once filled with soil and plants it will be heavy.

Fill the container three-quarters full with good quality potting mix and add some organic slow release fertilizer as directed on the label.

Remove the rose from its nursery pot and gently loosen the roots. This helps the roots to grow outward.

Place the rose in the container and add enough soil to bring the soil level up to about 1-inch from the lip of the pot.

Remove the rosemary from their pots and plant around the base of the rose.

Fill empty pockets with soil and tamp down lightly.

Water well and add additional soil as needed.

Now you have a container garden that’s both beautiful and useful! Be sure to cut plenty of roses for bouquets and rosemary for using in the kitchen.