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Moss Control

We built our house in 1996 and put in new lawns. We are in a partial shade area. Over the last 2 years we have developed a growing problem with moss. This has taken over our side and front yard. Is there any product that can be sprayed over the moss to prevent its growth?

Even though moss is beautiful, it can be slippery and dangerous if you try to walk on it. While the old saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss” may be true, flagstones, bricks and other materials are safer without it.

To keep moss and algae from growing you can treat your area with a simple solution of (3) tablespoons of household bleach and a quart of water. Spraying this on the moss eliminates the problem at least temporarily, but to be completely effective it should be applied every week.

The best way to keep moss away permanently is to change the conditions that favor its growth. Moist shade is its preferred habitat, so by allowing more sunlight into the area, perhaps removing a few tree limbs and reducing watering to this part of your yard, you will discourage it from growing.

One last tip, if you find that moss is growing in your lawn this may be a sign that your soil is highly acidic. If a soil test reveals this is true, an application of agricultural lime can help you correct this problem.

Mossy Drink Cooler

Using galvanized washtubs to hold drinks at a party isn’t a new idea, but it’s so good it endures. This project gives the traditional galvanized drink cooler a fresh look with sheet moss and spray adhesive.


  • Galvanized tub
  • Sheet moss (enough to cover the outside of the tub)
  • Spray adhesive


Starting at the bottom and working in small areas spray a bit of the adhesive and press on the sheet moss.

Moss Covered Galvanized Tub

Moving around the washtub attach the moss until it is covered.

Galvanized Washtub Drink CoolerYou can add additional decorations too. If you’re having some sort of bridal affair, you can match the color theme with ribbons or flowers inserted around the top edge.