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Orange Pocket Rolls

Citrus season is right around the corner and I always make sure that I have plenty of fresh oranges for the holidays. Preparing these orange rolls is a nice rainy day activity. I also like to bake them on Thanksgiving morning to tide hungry guests over until lunch.

Perfect Pizza Crust

Although I love the topping combinations it’s the fabulous pizza crust that keeps me going back to a local pizzeria called Zaza’s. Chef John Beechboard co-owner of ZaZa’s shared their recipe. He says the secrets to making a great crust are using Tipo 00 flour and adding the water slowly.

Focaccia Bread

In the past it was common for households to bake their own bread every week. It’s a tradition that is making comeback as more people discover the joy of bread making. This focaccia is a good one to try because it’s so simple.

blueberry muffins

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are a classic. While it may be tempting to whip up a batch from a boxed kit, try this recipe for blueberry muffins from scratch that is almost as easy and certainly better tasting!

Chipotle Cornbread

I recently made a trip to Greenwood, Mississippi to visit a Viking Cooking School. What a treat! While there I received several recipes including this one for chipotle cornbread. A slice of this cornbread is a delicious accompaniment to fresh summer vegetables or a bowl of hot soup on a chilly winter day.

Cheesy Garlic Basil Bread

GarlicBreadI grew up eating garlic bread that was made with a dash of garlic powder and a whole lot of margarine. Imagine my delight when I discovered real garlic, garlic bread. I wanted to have it with every meal!

This version prepared with fresh basil and Parmesan is delicious served with homegrown tomatoes in summer or as an accompaniment to a bowl of hot soup in winter.