Red Dorking Pair

The Dorking (English Class) is a dual-purpose bird traditionally used for the production of white-shelled eggs and white-skinned meat. The Dorking was once highly esteemed for the quality of its meat and was the ideal market bird for its day. The American Poultry Association (APA) recognizes the White, Silver Gray, Colored, Red, and Cuckoo Dorking. 

It is quite likely that this variety is as old as the White Dorking because birds similar to the Red Dorking were described by English authors when referring to the original Dorking stock. The Red Dorking is not solid red in color but is somewhat comparable to the Light Brown Leghorn or a Black Breasted Red Old English Game. The Red Dorking at one time was very common in Kent and Sussex counties in England, but starting around the mid-1800s the Red Dorking dwindled and was kept alive by only a small handful of breeders. Due to their lack of popularity, it was admitted nearly 120 years after the first Dorkings were admitted to the first APA Standard of Perfection, but today more are beginning to be bred and exhibited.

Only available to purchase if you are a guest for Chicken Chat on September 30, 2023. Please bring your own crate to transport your poultry on the day of the event.


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