In my garden, the supporting roles played by foliage plants such hosta, lambs ear and artemisia are equal in value to their flowering companions. However, there are plants that take center stage in the garden simply because of their prolific blooms. Agastache ‘Tutti Frutti’ is such a plant. Last May I combined ‘Tutti Frutti’ with Persian shield, Mexican sage, miscanthus ‘Cabaret’ and purple angelonia. It was covered in flowers when I planted it and it has continued to bloom all summer and into the fall. Tall spires of rosy pink tubular flowers create an ethereal veil through which one can see the more substantial metallic purple leaves of the Persian shield. It is a visual delight that I will be sad to see go after the first killing frost. ‘Tutti Frutti’s’ elegant stature draws attention as well. Mine has gone from a small transplant to a 4 foot tall giant in just one summer, but its willowy form keeps it from becoming too overpowering. While the foliage doesn’t have much visual impact, the leaves and blooms have a nice minty lemon fragrance. This scent and the tubular pink blooms make it a favorite with hummingbirds and butterflies.