One of the easiest bulbs to coax into bloom indoors is the paperwhite narcissus. Their sweet fragrance and easygoing nature make them a favorite at my house. Depending on the variety the delicate blooms are either pure white, yellow or a combination of both. Clusters of tiny flowers appear on top of tall, bright green stems.

These bulbs do well planted in soil, sand or stones. They will even grow in a bud vase with the base of the bulbs just touching the water.

Late fall and early winter is the time to stock up on paperwhite bulbs if you want a splash of spring in your home during the bleak month of January. My favorite variety is called ‘Ziva’. The petals and cups are white and the fragrance is sweet rather than musky. There are several paperwhite varieties that go beyond the standard white to choose from. Here is a short list.