Mexican Sage

Once you start growing salvias you’ll find it difficult to stop. Every variety I grow adds so much to my garden, but none are more spectacular than the Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha). Those growing in my garden begin blooming in mid-August and continue until frost. The plant easily matures to 3 to 4 feet each year and has little or no problem with pests. If height is an issue, there are also a few varieties that stay compact such as ‘Santa Barbara’, which tops out at 3 feet.

In climates where this plant is marginally cold hardy, mulch it heavily after cutting back the frost-burned stems in late fall. If you have a mild winter there is a good chance the plant will return the following spring with beautiful results. In cold climates it’s worth it to plant Mexican sage each year as an annual.

Mexican Sage
Salvia leucantha
perennial, sun garden favorite
Bloom Time
late summer into autumn
Full Sun
well drained soil
Plant Height
2 to 4 feet