I am always taken aback by the majestic form of agapanthus and I’ve seen this plant grown in a variety of settings. Whether planted in large pots on the grounds of an English estate or in a small cottage garden, the bold blooms and regal stature create a striking focal point. The cultivar ‘Storm Cloud’ grows to an amazing size – the flower spikes exceeded 5 feet! The color of the flower is a gorgeous deep blue that is darker than the species A. africanus. The glossy strap-like leaves are handsome in containers on the terrace or in the garden; simple yet effective.

You’ll find agapanthus to be a vigorous grower and heavy feeder, so be prepared to fertilize regularly for the best bloom set.

Agapanthus is worth growing even if cold winter temperatures require that you bring them inside. While the foliage dies after the first hard frost I pull my containers of lily of the Nile into the garage for winter and I have found that they do better if I do not water them while they are dormant. One January I felt sorry for a container with some signs of green foliage and I watered it. That was a mistake: all of the plants died of root rot.