I’m not sure what it is about blue flowers, but I am always drawn to them. With this kind of attraction it is easy to understand why ‘Heavenly Blue’ morning glory always has a place in my garden. Morning glory is a tender perennial vine with large (6-8 inch) heart-shaped leaves and showy trumpet-shaped flowers. A single packet of seeds will produce enough vines to cover a large area in a single growing season. I once used this rampant grower to cover a large bamboo teepee. By early fall it was truly a site to behold, certainly worthy of the name heavenly, as it was covered in sky-blue flowers. Creating such a teepee for your children can provide a fun hideout for them that is easy to make. All you need is a sunny location, four long poles, some strong twine and morning glory seeds.

If you plant morning glories, soak the seeds overnight in water to help them germinate. When you plant, make sure the soil is not too rich, if it is too fertile, the seeds will produce lots of vines but few blooms.