Golden Sage

One of the best examples of herbs blurring the line between form and function is golden sage. It is a variegated version of the standard cooking sage we all enjoy with turkey and stuffing, but I’m so taken with the appearance of its leaves, I don’t really care how it tastes!

Golden sage foliage is gray with striking light yellow variagation. The bi-colored leaves read as a splash of chartreuse, particularly from a distance, that provides luminosity to the garden that’s hard to described. The plants literally glow.

Although I find myself replanting sage at least every other year, it is worth the effort – even if it’s just old gray cooking sage. It’s lavender flowers can be one of the showiest bloomers in the herb garden.

Golden Sage
Salvia officinalis
herb, fragrant
Bloom Time
well drained soil
Plant Height
4 to 12 inches