Globe Master Ornamental Onion

This close cousin of the edible onion and garlic is one of the most dramatic plants I grow. Gargantuan ball-shaped flower heads comprised of hundreds of starry blooms are supported on 3 foot tall stalks with long, strappy leaves. Allium giganticum is a superstar in the early summer garden.

Not only are these bulbs gorgeous in the garden, but the flowers are excellent for drying. Just hang them upside down in a garage or storage room. They do have a slight onion or garlic smell when you cut them or bruise them, but the smell dissipates quickly and you’re left with striking flowers for dried arrangements.

Ornamental Onion
Allium gigantium
Attracts Wildlife, Deer and Wildlife Resistant, Spring Flowering Bulb
Bloom Time
late spring or early summer
humus rich, well drained
Plant Height
32 to 32 inches