When browsing through plant selections I often think in terms of groupings rather than the merits of an individual variety. When I see an interesting color, texture or form my next thoughts are: How will this plant fit into the garden? What else should I choose to go with it? Will it work in a container? But sometimes I come across a plant that is so unique it stops me in my tracks. Such is the case with Diamond Frost® euphorbia – what a stunner! Whether you have a large garden, small patio or just a sunny windowsill Diamond Frost? euphorbia is a must have!

Diamond Frost? produces delicate, gray-green foliage with ethereal white blossoms. But don’t let its appearance fool you. This plant is tough! Both heat and drought tolerant, Diamond Frost? blooms constantly throughout the summer. The unstoppable flower power and airy form make it an excellent alternative to baby’s breath, which tends to fade quickly. It is a compact grower reaching a mature height of 12 to 18 inches. Give it full sun to partial shade and good drainage and Diamond Frost? will bloom from spring until temperatures drop below 32 degrees F in fall. I have discovered that Diamond Frost? is a good a houseplant. I purchased several pots last fall at an end of the season sale. They have performed marvelously in a sunny, Southern window, blooming nonstop. Given my brown thumb with houseplants this is a testament to this plant’s hardy nature! In spring, after the last frost date in my area, I’ll cut the plants back, set them outside and enjoy another summer of lovely blooms.