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Furnishing Your Garden Room

Although the summer solstice falls on June 21, I think of Memorial Day as the introduction of summer in my zone 8A garden. During summer our indoor activities such as dining and entertaining move outdoors so it just makes sense to have an area set up to enjoy them. In just a few easy steps a patio, …

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Garden Home TV Episodes – Season 15

Season 15 Garden Home Episode 1 P. Allen Smith breaks down the basics of homesteading for beginners. From kitchen to bath, the experts have you covered for your journey to being self-sufficient. Episode 2 P. Allen Smith explores the food and fellowship of one of America’s oldest cities, Charleston, South Carolina; a true Southern gem. …

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Crescent Garden

Crescent Garden Crescent Garden provides its customers with a variety of decorative elements for their home and garden. Working with top notch designers and product developers they create products that are lasting both in design and functionality. From containers, to watering cans, sprayers and outdoor dinnerware, our products are made to reflect the individual styles …

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America's Best Garden and Landscape Designer

P. Allen Smith Garden Designer

P. Allen Smith Allen Smith, often described as one of America’s most talented garden designers, is the product of five generations of southern nurserymen.  His foundational childhood experiences in planting naturally led to an appreciation for horticulture, genetic diversity, plant pairing and for an orderly and holistic approach to work.  Later, as a garden and …

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Spice Up Your Garden

Broaden your approach to gardening by growing easy-to-care-for herbs to use in your home.  Plant exotic culinary herbs, like coriander for enhancing Mexican food and cumin for Indian, or simply plant herbs you can use for everyday meal preparation.  Save money on scented products for the home by growing fragrant herbs like lavender, which can …

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Paint Your Garden with Color

Color can be a challenging design principle in the garden because it is subjective. Everyone perceives color in their own unique way. But I’ve found that with a willing spirit to experiment and by following some simple techniques, you can create masterpieces in your flower borders and containers. The following design ideas are excerpted from …

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