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P. Allen Smith

My promise to my friends and my mission in life is to help individuals, leaders, and communities improve our world through education, design, conservation, and media.

My television and publishing work, social, and now streaming media are all dedicated to equipping families with earth-friendly solutions to support their everyday lives.

In the center of the country, just outside Little Rock, I open my home to share my design, gardening, preservation and eco-friendly building practices for all to experience. My garden and landscape design practice help families and organizations create places that embrace the gifts of nature.

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Hydrangea for Every Garden

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Gilbert h. wild & son

Allen’s Favorites

Gilbert H. Wild and I have identified some of the finest new plant varieties available for your garden today and we have spent the past year procuring and cultivating these varieties to make them available for you to add to your garden. I invite you to take advantage of these, helping you create a home that stands out from the rest.

Follow my top favorite plants and your garden will be as easy and beautiful as 1, 2, 3, DONE!


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Conservation Design

Building a better world

Creating dynamic outdoor spaces that inspire, increase our health, and preserve the natural environment has always been core to my garden and landscape design ethos, my material selection and installation process. Selectively I am partnering with developers, builders, designers, craftsmen and women, philanthropists and socially conscious investors. My goal is to extend the health, well being and preservation benefits of Moss Mountain Farm to our friends across the Country. To learn more about Allen’s design practice click here or see his design firm’s website.


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