Thanks To Global Lockdown, Our Earth Is Healing


7 ways the planet is healing, thanks to global lockdown

From air pollution levels plummeting to the canals in Venice clearing up

How the Coronavirus Is (and Is Not) Affecting the Environment

March 5th, 2020 by Kasha Patel | Earth Observatory

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is first and foremost an issue of human health and safety. But as people have changed their everyday behaviors and patterns to contain or avoid the virus, there have been some subtle effects on the environment. There also has been misinformation. Below are four ways the virus is—and is not—affecting the environment in China.

1. Satellites found decreases in one air pollutant, but that doesn’t mean the air is free of all pollution.

2. During the quarantine, roads and transportation hubs are emptier.

3. Coal and oil industrial activities have dropped, so carbon dioxide emissions have also decreased.

4. There is no evidence that cremation ashes are increasing the levels of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere.

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