“Chick” It Out: A New Way to Experience the Poultry Workshop

On September 16, we’re hosting our Fall Poultry Workshop at Moss Mountain Farm. In honor of our 10th workshop, we have an all-new format, with hands-on demonstrations and the opportunity for you to customize your workshop experience. Whether you currently raise chickens or want to learn more about having your own flock, you need to be there!

You’ll get to participate in workshops, learn from poultry experts on a variety of topics, and take a tour of Poultryville, where we house several breeds of heritage poultry.

Poultry Workshop options include:

"Chick" It Out: A New Way to Experience the Poultry Workshop

  1. Housing the Flock – Learn the factors you need to consider when it comes to housing your birds, such as space for roosting, feed, and shade. Using real coops in demonstration, Jeff will teach you what design makes the best sense for the size and needs of the flock.
  2. Homeopathic Remedies – Learn about natural remedies and methods for maintaining the health of your flock. Josh will show you how to use herbs, essential oils, diatomaceous earth, and household products to take care of your chickens using time-honored practices.
  3. The Incredible Egg – Discover how the egg is formed and dissect its contents with Dr. Bramwell. Learn everything there is to know about the fertilization process including how to distinguish fertility and overall egg quality for consumption.
  4. Processing the Humane Way – The local food movement has regenerated interest in raising and processing your own poultry for the home table. In his lecture, Doug covers the basics of home processing.
  5. Prepping a Champion – From the first bath to the last spray, get a step-by-step “how to” on everything you should do to get your birds ready to take home the trophy.

A limited number of tickets is available. Visit this page to learn more and reserve your spot today!

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