Grow Friendship with a Succulent Party

Succulents have been a favorite of mine for many years, and I’m delighted to watch them become more popular each year. Though these carefree plants make wonderful gifts for friends, instead of prepping and planting alone, why not gather your favorite people together for a succulent party?

We recently did just that at Electric Ghost in Little Rock, and it was an incredible success. Owners Brooks Tipton and Shannon Shrum have a screen printing business and a lovely shop, and often host succulent and terrarium parties for groups of friends. What a great idea!

You could esucculent partyasily recreate our party at home with a dozen or so beautiful succulents, some pebbles, and potting soil. You might have guests bring their own interesting planters–like pretty bowls, buckets, terrariums–and encourage them to get creative! Succulents are easy-going and don’t really need the standard terra cotta planter. They’ll take root almost anywhere: just don’t overwater.

Now, simply add a few bottles of wine and a tray of fruit and cheese, and you’ve got the perfect party!

Caring for Succulents

To care for succulents indoors, you’ll need a sunny window, but don’t worry if that’s not possible throughout the entire day. Succulents will survive in lower light for a few months. Move indoors when temperatures drop below 45 degrees.  Don’t expect much growth during winter, but keep the dish in a location with cooler temperatures – between 50 and 60 degrees F — and cut back on watering to about once a month. During warmer seasons, water when the soil is dry and feed plants once a month with liquid fertilizer diluted to one-eighth strength.