Paper Fortune Cookie Place Card How-To

Welcome guests to your Chinese New Year celebration with creatively designed fortune cookie place cards. You can either use real fortune cookies from your local Asian market, or make your own paper fortune cookie. Grab a few sheets of your favorite pattern, or keep with the Chinese New Year theme and choose red or gold paper. For this project you’ll need:

White paper
Scrapbook paper
Drinking glass (about 4 inches wide)

Instructions for Making a Paper Fortune Cookie Place Card:

Drawing a circle around a porcelain cup onto paper

Lay the scrapbook paper facedown on a table and set the drinking glass or cup on top of it.
Draw a circle around the drinking glass and cut along the line you’ve drawn.

Circle of paper
Applying glue to a circle of paper
Flip the paper over and softly bend the circle in the center, careful not to crease it. Secure with glue.

Writing on a strip of scrap paper
Cut a 1 by 4 inch strip of white paper and write your guest’s name on it.

Inserting paper with a hand written name into a paper fortune cookie
Slip the place card into the fortune cookie.

Bending and glueing the paper fortune cookie

Pinching together a paper fortune cookie with the hand written name tag

With your thumb and forefinger gently pull both ends of the half-circle toward each other.
Add a dot of hot glue to hold the two ends together.

Paper fortune cookie place card.

Your guests will have a great time exploring the fortune cookies to discover their place at your table!