Poinsettias as Cut Flowers

On television the other day you were putting together a centerpiece using greenery, apples and cut poinsettias. I missed your tip about how to prepare the cut poinsettias so that they would last in the arrangement. Would you share with me what you said?

Poinsettias are not only beautiful seasonal houseplants; they are outstanding as cut flowers as well. I always buy a few extra plants that I will use in arrangements.

To create the centerpiece I featured during my half hour show, P. Allen Smith’s Garden, I simply placed a small evergreen wreath on a large serving plate and then placed 4 or 5 small jars almost full of water in the center.

As a potted plant the poinsettia was too tall to use in a table centerpiece. So, I just cut the stems about 4 to 6 inches long. As soon as the stems were cut, I burned the ends. This seals the milky sap of the plant in the stem and will keep the flower from wilting.

Then I accented the arrangement with a few Granny Smith apples, extra greenery and votives. It took me about 15 minutes to out it all together but it will last for quite a long time.