Decorating for the Holidays with Greenery

The holiday season is a special time of year. I love all the sights, sounds and aromas. I love the scent of fresh greenery both inside and outside the home.

Fresh greenery, whether it’s cut from the garden or purchased, is a renewable resource and a quick way to infuse your home with that lovely holiday scent.
To be “green” in your decorating look for greenery from a reliable source that sustainably harvests select bows rather than cuts a whole tree down.

There are many ways to include fresh greenery around your home for the holidays.

If you have a large table setting for your holiday gathering, try using a greenery mantelpiece in the center of the table. It’s the perfect height to allow guests to visit across the table.

Garland made from evergreens can be used in a number of ways – down a staircase, on a mantel, or even on the outside as an entry accent.

Decorating outdoors can sometimes be a little overwhelming but adding elements that contain fresh greenery to shutters, outdoor buildings
and gates is a
great way to apply these decorations.

There are an abundance of ways to use fresh greenery for the holidays. Just use your imagination and have a little fun!