Anti-Transpirants on Greenery

On one of the shows you used a spray on holiday evergreens to keep them looking fresh longer. Was this for outdoor use only?

The key to keeping greenery looking good through the holidays is maintaining moisture in the plant. Plants naturally lose water through their stems and leaves through a process called transpiration. An anti-transpirant spray such as Cloud Cover or Wilt-Pruf seals the moisture in. You can purchase these products at a garden center. Also some tree lots or nurseries will apply an anti-transpirant for you when you purchase your greenery.

An anti-transpirant alone is not enough to keep your holiday evergreens looking their best. The first step is to select fresh greenery. That means good green color and very little needle drop.

It’s also a good idea to soak evergreens in water over night. Completely submerge garlands and wreaths in a large tub. Before removing the next morning recut the stems under water if applicable. This step is not necessary if they were sprayed with an anti-transpirant when you bought them. If this is the case, the spray would be washed off.

After soaking the greenery you can choose to use an anti-transpirant. Spray your greenery outdoors and wait a few hours after treatment before you begin decorating.