S’mores Station

For a twist on a traditional dessert, Cindy, one of my producers, set up a s’mores station. It provided a great chance to get up and stretch, mingle, and make the perfect s’more.

Medium-sized, shallow, flat-bottom wooden box
Decorative rocks
3 cans of Sterno
Graham crackers
Chocolate bars

Fill the box about half full with decorative pebbles.

Place three cans of Sterno in the pebbles. Make sure the flammable part of the Sterno is positioned just a little higher than the top of the wooden box.

Fill the rest of the box and around the Sterno cans with pebbles, hiding the cans.

Light the Sterno cans. Insert skewers into the marshmallows. Roast marshmallows over the Sterno flames and assemble s’mores.
Smore Station