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Bridal Shoot at Moss Mountain

The gorgeous scenery of Moss Mountain Farm makes it a virtual wonderland for photographers and videographers, and when you pair this stunning backdrop with a beautiful bride, the results are breathtaking.  Jake Reeves from Betwixt Magnolias shared this beautiful behind-the-scenes footage of a recent bridal shoot at the farm, and we were struck by how gracefully the bride interacted with the gardens.  It was like watching someone float through a dream. Take a look!

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The Perfect Wedding Venue: A Moss Mountain Wedding

Wedding Venue
Photo by: Cottonwood Studios

We get to witness some amazing weddings at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm, a luxury wedding venue in the heart of Central Arkansas.

Thanks to the generosity of Paul Viefhaus with SunFlower Films we are able to share with you a peek inside one of our beautiful fall 2015 weddings.

Click here to see “A Moss Mountain Wedding”

A Moss Mountain Wedding

Things we love about this wedding:

  • The ceremony featured aspects of the groom’s Filipino heritage
  • The couple’s adorable pugs were part of the wedding party
  • And the vows were so lovingly crafted as you will hear in Paul’s video
Wedding Venue
Photo: Moss Mountain Farm

The bride wanted a garden pallet based in whites with gold accents for her reception. The rustic burlap runners echo the golden grass plumes picked from the gardens of Moss Mountain. Magnolias were used in the iron chandeliers overhead and in the arrangements.  The juxtaposition of the rustic tables was set off elegantly by the gold globe vases and silver candlesticks, and the open air tent followed Allen’s garden design rule of blurring the lines between inside and out.

Kari and Caleb Nichols of Cottonwood Studio shared some wonderful images with us of both the ceremony and the reception.

Photo by: Cottonwood Studios
Photo by: Cottonwood Studios

P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm reserves select spring and fall dates for weddings.  If you’re in the market for a wedding venue that’s picture perfect check out the 2016 bride guide.

Wedding Venue
Photo by: Cottonwood Studios