If there’s one new plant that should be on everyone’s list, it’s Snow Princess? lobularia. This little lady puts the V in vigor, forming mounds of honey-scented, white blooms from early spring to the first autumn freeze.

Snow Princess? is a breakthrough in the Alyssum family that is heat tolerant, blooming through the summer at the University of Georgia trial garden and the Dallas Arboretum. In trials in Florida, Snow Princess? remained showy from January through July.

In hanging baskets, containers and window boxes, Snow Princess? will spill over the sides with cascades of bloom covered stems up to 60-inches long! She is a heavy drinker and prefers evenly moist soil so be prepared to water containers of Snow Princess? often; maybe more than once a day during warm weather. You may find that growing Snow Princess? in large containers is the easiest way to provide consistent moisture. Snow Princess? will also perform well in the landscape. Plant it in full sun and give it room to sprawl.

Apply a slow release fertilizer when you plant. Starting in mid-summer, use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer every 7 days. Follow package directions for both the slow release and liquid fertilizers. Snow Princess? does not require deadheading or pruning, but you can trim it at any time to control the size or to revitalize. Use a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears as needed.

Lobularia hybrid
Annuals, Winter Interest
Bloom Color
Bloom Time
Full sun to partial shade
Moist, well-drained
Plant Height
4 to 6 inches